Go Green with Project Romania - Recycling Milk Bottle Tops

In NOVEMBER 2014 we reached the target of 9,790 tonnes.

However due to sickness and the fact that so many bags of tops were still unwashed and very dirty to sort and repack this project has ceased.

We are very grateful for those who regularly brought tops for us :

  • all the schools in Chard, Tatworth, Chardstock, Ilminster, Winsham and Thorncombe
  • all collectors in Chard, Ilminster, Shepton Beauchamp, Huish Episcopi, Kilmington, Barrington W.I., Muchelney, Yeovil, Brixham, Scotland and many further afield
  • all the unknown collectors who brought so many bags and sacks to the Welcome Bap in Holyrood Street, Chard.

IF you want to continue to collect tops to avoid them going into land fill you can take them to the LUSH shop in Taunton.
They will accept SMALL bags any time
IF you have a sack they can be taken between 5pm and 5.30pm on a THURSDAY - when you may park briefly outside in their parking bay
2 North St, Town Centre, Taunton TA1 1LH Phone 01823 339375

The tops will be recycled and used to make black pots for the LUSH products.
The organisation also supports various small charities worldwide
For more information please visit

Clothes Collections

There have been 3 “Bag2Future” collections in the past 3 years and this has brought a goodly amount of income.
Please support this initiative if possible and contact the charity via the website if you have clothing/shows/soft toys/bedding (not duvets)/belts etc which can be collected
The next collection is in early July 2014