Florin Benghea suggested this programme in 1999 as he discovered that many children in the more remote and very poor villages of Buia and Stenea were fainting with hunger at school in the morning.

Initially the charity gave all the children a small breakfast of a meat filled roll and then the government started their own scheme so the programme had to be changed and two loaves of bread are given each week to every child.

The parents are so grateful for this as many have no real income at all. Bread is a staple part of the Romanian diet with ‘ciorba’, a thick vegetable soup.

In 2011 the price of bread rose and for a while the charity was unable to continue to supply two loaves twice a week – then several generous donations allowed us to provide the needed bread for that school year..

£8 per month will give a hungry child a loaf twice a week – if you can manage to help please contact us through the website.